Finding Forgiveness

The Sacrament of Confession is one of the least understood, and least utilized, sacraments in the Catholic Church. In reconciling us to God, it is a great source of grace, and Catholics are encouraged to take advantage of it often, even if they are not aware of having committed a serious (mortal) sin.

First Penance (Reconciliation) is usually made by children in the second grade. Weekly attendance at Mass is required. To receive more information please contact the Director of Religious Education, Meghan Cambridge at 860-739-9722 ext. 236.

Confession is heard one hour before the Saturday Vigil Mass on Saturdays or by appointment.  Generally, October through March (Eastern Standard Time) at 3 p.m.; March through October (Daylight Savings Time) at 4 p.m.  Please contact our pastor at 860-739-9722 ext. 225 for an appointment.

Seven Steps to Making a Better Confession